For Advertisers

October 18th, 2012 by admin

If you are looking for a way to carry out an effective and cost-effective advertising campaigns (check our pricing) this is the right place. Advpix platform is a tool that allows you to place ads on pictures in one or more areas of a photo, contextually linked to the article (see how it works). It’s totally new solution on the market and innovation in the world of online advertising!

Bądź pierwszy !!! reklamuj się inaczej niż konkurencja.

Sprawdź platformę reklamową advpix.

Advertising is based on the proven and common accounting model CPM/CPC, the publisher are matched with blogs and websites that offer attractive content, images and generate the appropriate audience (check the detais). Attractive form of advertising, interactivity and lack of invasiveness and intrusiveness, makes this a very effective form of advertising, eagerly read by the end user.

The platform provides tools to easily add advertising campaigns, specify the target group, set up the budget and start to analyze running campaigns with statistics. Advertise on images to rise the efficiency and make high conversion rate. Therefore, do not wait any longer and start working with us. Sign up as an advertiser and use what the advpix offers to you. Check prices and details of cooperation. After registering you will receive an activation link and information about further actions. You can talk to our consultants on-line or by phone, through the consultation request, directly from the publisher’s panel.